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Bucky Brutal groove and wicked blues meet unrelenting heavy. We may have found the cure for some sort of undiscovered disease. This is gnarly. Soaked in sludge, baked in heavy blues with a fuzzy distortion off the charts. Favorite track: Amber Elle.
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Primer EP de la banda de dos piezas. Las 5 canciones fueron grabadas como sesión en vivo.

First EP from the two-piece band. All 5 songs recorded as a live session.


released April 4, 2016

Grabado y mezclado por Arturo León en Tijuana, B.C., México.
Masterizado por Bill Henderson de Azimuth Mastering, New Jersey.

Aníbal Flores (Guitarra, voz)
Luís Astorga (Batería, voz)

Mixed and recorded by Arturo León in Tijuana, México.
Master by Bill Henderson from Azimuth Mastering, New Jersey.

Aníbal Flores (Guitar, vocals)
Luis Astorga (Drums, vocals)




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Owain Tijuana, Mexico

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Track Name: Leech

No hope or goal.
Just go and take it,
don't mind you'll break it.
Get on the freight train,
all will be your gain.
Suck on the prize,
meet your demise.
Never no hunger,
flush it all under.

Never mind the breathing,
your prey or game.
Satisfaction killing,
vessels will die.

Tie the noose.
Peel the blade.
Drink the blend.
Cock the gun.
Track Name: Do You Have Time
Do You Have Time

We're gonna seek you. Don't care if you're free to.
We're gonna point righteous fingers; violate your freedom of thought.
Just coming to talk and linger.

What gives you moral highground?
Don't tell me to live out of fear.
Look at your crooked preachers:
go figure, fake cash reapers.

Go home.
Go home preacher.
Track Name: Punch Drunk Pride
Punch Drunk Pride

Consuming pressure,
savage this pleasure.
Amused and hateful
cringe at it's threshold.
Crack smile don't let go,
give in let it grow.

Begin thrashing,
don't hold back blow.
Again i need it
to lose control.

Begin thrashing, don't hold back.
Again i need it to lose control.
Blind, no remorse; court it, beg for more.
Give me wrath, give you sacrifice.
Track Name: Amber Elle
Amber Elle

Take me.
Smother me in the dark.
Darkness of my blurred sight.
Product of my desire.

You break me,
take demons away with time.
Embrace me,
claim my thoughts and you decide.
Just strip me.
Nobody will criticize.
Please make me
the happiest man alive.

Let go my soul
down low this hole.

I thought i was free.
You don't care for me.
Can't get off your grasp.
You don't have to ask.
Track Name: Ocran Gods
Ocran Gods

Worship your god
with his sword of dynamite
riding a horse from the east
for your eyes to delight.

Praise his battles,
tell the stories of his victories,
theach the spawn to immitate,
sing songs of prominence.

You show love and respect.
You fear his anger and rage.
One taste of his creation
you desire.

Fatheful to one and hateful to others,
you must guard his domains,
you must carol his songs,
you must dress the same clothes
you must ride the same horse,
you must show admiration.
He will show you no love.